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Taking, for example, a law book, it would be possible to realign the contents of the law book in the order of definitions, requirements, purports and effects of various provisions, allowing them to be separated from each other by several hundred pages, and allowing a user to easily refer to and carefully read each of them by means of multilateral links.

Then, the law book is replaced with descriptions in the order of definition collection, requirements collection, purports collection, and effects collection, which are transformed into data set in which a multilateral jumping reference is enabled in each provision by using hyperlinks and anchors, thus a law eBook would be realized.

For example, the definition collection alone can be independently used for repeatedly reading and intensively learning by heart. The requirement collection alone can be independently used for comparison and examination of necessary and sufficient properties of the requirements.

Furthermore, the purports collection alone can be independently used for checking similarity and singularity of the continuously described purports. The effects alone can be independently used for organizing commonality and differences among systems having similar effects from continuous description of effects.

In this way, law books can be replaced with law ebooks database that allow a user to easily make references by utilizing hyperlinks and anchors. 




However, if we would use the principle that ” since information can be exactly conveyed to partners only by switching languages by using hyperlinks, on-target answers are received with respect to questions, ” jobs that require high-level decisions other than menial jobs could be replaced by workers at low wages from now onward.

Now smatphones can transmit and receive phone calls, music, images, e-books, and so on between remote locations, and further such a state arises that paperwork processing manuals prepared in multiple languages are provided. 

While comparing short manuals with one another and making repetitive operations at a dispatch destination, it becomes possible for a dispatched worker can make advanced determination about paperwork processing.

Thus, multilingual paperwork processing manuals would be prepared at a global scale, and employment form may be possibly significantly changed. There will be changes that could not be always pleased in a simple way.

Further, a specialist who prepares paperwork processing manuals will also appear, and paperwork jobs will be developed while mutually communicating with the dispatch destination.

At this time, the precondition that basic manual is present will enable the division of works between logistic support and dispatch destination. It is only necessary for the dispatch destination to temporarily make appearance only when an operation of a manual is unknown from the dispatch destination.

As a result, division and specialization of works between the logistic support and dispatch destination become possible.  As a reference example of implementation, the News  reported on 15, July 2017 that Army Special Operations Command had switched military-purpose smartphones from Android Tactical Assault Kit to iPhone Tactical Assault Kit.




For example, taking such e-book as an example, the way of reading may be changed from such a way of relaxed reading by turning pages, to such a way of reading as quickly and repetitively switching using a multilateral jump function provided by hyperlinks and anchors, purposefully and reasonably aiming at deepening understanding of a particular matter.

This means that the value of literatures may change from a means for sequential reading and understanding to a means for allowing readers to think while comparing and making references to one another using hyperlinks as a simple collection of knowledge or information.



In addition, even more conveniences can be done!